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PIG Strategy: Make Customer Centricity Obsolete and Start a Resource Revolution

Author: Sampson Lee


PIG Strategy

  • *Hardcover: 231 pages
  • *Publisher: iMatchPoint Ltd.      1st Edition (November 2014)
  • *Language: English
  • *ISBN: 978-988-17294-7-7
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About the Book

This business book looks at customer experiences differently: Pain Is Good.

By embracing pain, the PIG Strategy stands the sacred belief of pursuing excellence on its head and starts a resource revolution – to deliver more (effectiveness and pleasure) with less (resource and effort). By identifying good pains and branded pleasures, the PIG Strategy makes customer-centricity obsolete and delivers a branded experience, which can build trust with and earn the loyalty of your customers. By aggravating the good pains to the greatest extent, the PIG Strategy creates the highest possible branded pleasures, experiences which are difficult to imitate or match, and takes CEM (customer experience management) to a new level, a place far beyond “wowing” customers. No matter how big (or small) your company is, what your brand values are, or in which industry you compete, there is no more effective way to transform your comparative advantages into sustainable strengths while deploying no extra resources.


        "PIG Strategy is a true innovations in customer experience.”            Shaun Smith, Co-author, Bold: How to be Brave in Business and Win (United Kingdom)

           “Sampson Lee unravels the mystery of customer delight.”         Jim Sterne, Chairman, Digital Analytics Association (United States)

        “Sampson Lee is an innovator and true thought leader in the                                        customer experience world."                                  Bob Thompson, Founder/CEO, CustomerThink (United States)

 “The concept developed by Sampson comes from the future, but the             ROI started the day after I learned his methodology."            Adrian Barbu, President, Mystery Shopping Providers Association (Europe)

      “Sampson’s methodology is pivotal to my career development                and enables me to develop into business leader rather than                                           customer service specialist."                                        Wayne Grimshawe, Head of Customer Services, Barclays Corporate (United Kingdom)

        “I attended the Global CEM Certification Program in London.                Sampson's methodology was for me an eye-opener and since               then we are very attentive at how to enhance customer                                          experience on our IMD campus."                                       Guy Schröcker, Executive Director Marketing & Communications, IMD Business School (Switzerland)

“We licensed Sampson’s methodology for years. This brought us and           our customers valuable results: improved loyalty, brand                    differentiation and increased sales.  We applied his method              successfully in financial services, telecom, FMCG, e-Commerce                                                        and retail."                                               Kees Kerkvliet, Owner, TOTE-M (Netherlands)

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