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Why Global CEM Certification Program

There are numerous CX (customer experience) certifications on the market, what is so special about our certification and what sets it apart from other certifications?

The Longest-Standing CX Certification

Many CX certification programs come and go.

Global Customer Experience Management (CEM) Certification Program is the first and the longest-standing CX certification program in the world. Since 2006, we have run the program continuously for 14 years with participants from 71 countries and counting. What’s more, it has an unrivaled record: up until 2019, the program has been successfully held 64 times in 19 international cities.  

International Track Record of Success

The program has seen major success in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Milan, London, Paris, Istanbul, Dubai, Johannesburg, Shanghai, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Toronto. The list of participants includes many senior executives of blue chips, Fortune 500 companies, top-tier management consultancies and universities. Over 50% of the program participants are either referrals or repeat customers. 

Proven Methodologies

One of the major reasons for our international success is the application of the Branded CEM Method. It offers a structured framework that combines time-tested theories, universally applied principles and practical tools to help participants to formulate and kick-start their CX initiatives. Most important of all, the method is proven to work in different contexts, countries and cultures around the world.

The Branded CEM Method was first licensed in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Meet CX Counterparts around the Globe

Our program also acts as a bridge to link up CX professionals from all around the world, giving them the opportunity to connect, meet up and discuss CX issues face-to-face. It’s not unusual to have participants of six to eight different countries joining in one single session and they are truly appreciative of the opportunity to learn and share among professionals of different industries, countries and cultures. 

Face-to-Face CX Certification Training

The class size of our CX certification training typically ranges from 10 to 20 participants but never more than 25. With an ideal size as such, participants are able to communicate with both the instructor and their CX counterparts in a highly interactive manner to ensure quality discussions and effective sharing. 

For Those Who are Serious about CX

Global CEM Certification Program is the only ongoing face-to-face CX certification program on the market. We don’t offer online certification as we firmly believe that face-to-face is a more effective and appropriate medium to train-up and certify those who have a strong determination to become a remarkable professional in such a vital yet sophisticated business domain – CX.


Join Danny Peters in being a Global CEM Certified Customer Experience Professional.



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