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About the Program

Global Customer Experience Management (CEM) Certification Program is the world’s first CEM certification program. Since its launch in 2006, it has been run 61 times in 19 international cities.  Program attendees are delegates of B2B and B2C enterprises from 70 countries across six continents, with over 50% of them are referrals or repeated customers.

The program is developed based on the Branded CEM Method, which provides a strategic framework with 12 building blocks to formulate an effective CEM strategy. It guides enterprises to take a resource revolution by aligning customer journey mapping with brand values to maximize customer’s pleasures, derive moments of buying (MOB) and make Net Promoter Score (NPS) actionable. The Method renders a complete CEM roadmap from strategy formulation to step-by-step implementation.

With proven track record of success of in the market, Global CEM is proud to launch the In-house Customer Experience Management Certification Training Program, which is an in-house version of our public course. 

For enterprises who face severe competition and see CEM a critical differentiator for their business, this program will equip their management teams and key functional heads with leading edge knowledge, research method and tools to creating their own branded experience and stay ahead of their competition.  Business executives who have management or functional responsibilities to deal with customers will benefit from the course. In particular, they are:

* Department Heads of Marketing, Services, CRM, Customer Experience or Sales
* Director/ VP / GM of customer management related units
* Management Executives who take charge of corporate strategy planning and customer management development

Class Size

The ideal class size will be around 15-25 persons per in-house program. The training will be in workshop style and attendees will be divided into into small groups for discussions, in-group exercises and presentations during the two-day program. A group size of this will enable the trainers to effectively communicate with all the attendees.

The advantages of running an in-house program also include:

  • save your colleagues' travelling budget, management hours, airflight and accommodation cost  

  • flexibility to work out the most preferred training dates for your company

  • more focused group exercises on your areas of concerns / related to your own companies or industries

  • certification can still be offered without extra cost

CEM Certification

CertificateThe Certificate of CEM (Customer Experience Management) will be granted to attendees who successfully completes and passes the 2-day training session with corresponding in-class exercises and one take-home certificate assignment.



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