CEM Implementation

CEM Implementation

For CEM implementation, it means delivering your designed experience to your customers via a set of multiple touch-points. This will require capabilities alignment across people, process and technology in a company. This module provides you with a roadmap for implementation as well as measurement metrics to ensure that your CEM program is tracked and monitored in order to generate constant feedback for continuous improvement.

Learning Objectives

This module will enable attendees to:

  • translate performance gaps into required capabilities
  • design implementation roadmap and set measurement metrics
  • develop a close-loop CEM management system

Content Sequence

CEM Gap Analysis

  • Assess the current performance level of multi-channels touch-points
  • Identify the performance gaps between target and current experiences
  • Assess the performance gaps across multiple touch-points
  • Address the performance gaps with new core capabilities

CEM Capabilities

  • People capabilities-change management, leadership, recruitment, training and perform
  • Process capabilities-business process stream-line, redesign and re-engineering
  • Product capabilities-pricing, costing, product development and product mix
  • Technology capabilities-software, hardware, platform, integration and compatibilities

CEM Measurement & Metrics

  • Develop roadmap for phased implementations and pilot projects
  • Set performance metrics and key performance indicators
  • Monitor and assess the performance level of multiple touch-points in delivering target e
  • Measuring ROI of CEM

Close-loop CEM Management System

  • Customer experience assessment and evaluation model
  • Customer experience strategy model (operations, branding, analytics)
  • Touch-point planning model (framework, tools)
  • Customer experience implementation model (designing and managing an experience-centric organization)


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