CEM Strategy

CEM Strategy

Strategy is about making choices. Designing an effective customer experience strategy means making choices based on your targeted customers, branded values and resources allocation. In CEM, this requires a paradigm shift from traditional wisdom of managing efficiency to managing effectiveness. To sheer effectiveness, which takes a lot of guts, and often times, sacrifice. This module tells you how to set a framework as you build our CEM strategy.

Learning Objectives

This module will enable attendees to:

• understand your corporate DNA and your brand
• formulate an effective CEM strategy
• integrate CEM Strategy into the customer experience management system

Content Sequence

Who Are You -- Understand Your Corporate DNA

  • Why you exist (mission) and what your guiding principles are (culture)
  • What your core competences are
  • External factors and competition
  • The linkage between corporate DNA and CEM

Segmentation -- Define Your Target Customers

  • Why customer segmentation is crucial to effective strategy formation
  • How segmentation methods differ in CEM
  • Not all customers are equally important to you - who are the ones
  • How to perform effective customer segmentation

Brand Positioning -- Decide Target Brand Values

  • Brand, brand values and brand positioning
  • Current perceived brand values versus target brand positioning
  • Optimize brand positioning by both art and science approaches
  • Branded experience brings you customer engagement and loyalty - How does it work

Target Experience -- Formulate Effective Experience Strategy

  • What is an effective CEM strategy
  • Steps to formulate an effective CEM strategy
  • Win-win approach: effective strategy to the customers and to the brand
  • Integration of CEM strategy with VOC and touch-point management


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