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On-demand Program

We recognize and apprecitate your keen interest in joining one of our programs, however, the public program scheduling and travel arrangements may present several challenges.  Thus, if you are unable to find your preferred location and time in the public program schedule or if travelling is too much of a hassle to you, we would recommend that you consider the on-demand option.  

Simply put, as long as you have a team of 5 or more, we would be open to the possibility of holding a public session at your preferred location and time.  We would be managing all the event logistics and all you would then need to do is to attend the program at ease, at your preferred location and time.

Do consider the advantages of joining our program as a team: you could easily build up a sense of rapport and comman languages when sharing the concepts and tools among different units and functions within the organization, the in-class exercises and discussions also allow the team to put real-life situations into perspective, cultivate cross team exchange and break the departmental silos - all of which are critical for CEM success.  What's more, you would then be able to enjoy the considerable discount of the group offer (USD300 off per head).

Line up your colleagues, teammates and counterparts in the CX arena to join the program together.  The benefits of an on-demand program would be exponentially higher, we assure you.

For any further enquiry of the on-demand program, please write to Alice Tse, alice@globalcem.org stating your estimated number of attendees, preferred location and time so that we could communicate with you directly on the feasibility of the program.


Remarks: The final location and time are suject to mutual consent between the Organizer and the client.  The number of minimum attendees required for an on-demand program may vary subject to different countries and locations.


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