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"Having been certified through Global CEM, I highly recommend Sampson's course and curriculum.  He has developed a very relevant and fascinating methodology to map customer journeys to ultimately identify where are the best places to invest limited resources.  His approach is clear, innovative and thought-provoking.  Besides his methodology, Sampson is an excellent instructor in sharing real-world insights and fostering collaboration with out-of-the-box ideas."

Janelle Matthews, Vice President, Genesys Global Business Solutions and Consulting (United States)

"Sampson and the Global CEM team provide a unique view into the world of Customer Experience Management, combining and enhancing old and new concepts to bring a new view to a potentially confusing space.  If you don't know your UX from your NPS, Sampson and the team will provide clear insights and guidance to help you focus on where you can have the greatest impact."

Robert Pepler, Customer Experience Lead, Hewlett-Packard (United Kingdom) United Kingdom

"I recently attended the Global CEM Certification Program led and facilitated by Sampson Lee in Sydney.  Simply put, Sampson is an Expert in Customer Experience Management which was evident from his delivery of the program.  Sampson's deep knowledge in Customer Experience Management along with his deep consulting expertise in the area also made the program more effective for all the participants including me - my money well spent and worth every dollar!"

Tarique Amin Bhuiyan, Principal, Business Consulting, Infosys Lodestone (Australia) Australia
"Sampson's CEM model offers great insights on where to put priorities when resources are limited.  We use it in our daily battle to create branded experiences that matter."
Marc Dirix, Service Development Manager, bpost (Belgium) Belgium

"It has been three years from now.  I took the Global CEM Certification Program in Paris.  It was demonstrated in a high level, presentation were clear and immediately actionable. Opened program style allowed all attendees to question and participate.  This was one of the training immediately visible in CEM changes in our company."

Sanja Brac, Team Leader, Customer Care Research and Analysis, Intesa Sanpaolo Card (Croatia) Croatia


"Sampson is a workshop leader who knows Customer Experience from the core.  Joined his session was an eye openting thought for me.  And I enjoyed the way he delivered the materials too.  Great to know him."

Marlin Silviana, Associate Partner, Hachiko, Customer Loyalty Solutions (Indonesia) Indonesia

"I was at one of Sampson's programs in Dubai 5 years ago, I will rate the program among the best, if not the best in the world of customer experience.  I will recommend the Global CEM Certification Program to anyone interested in creating a world class customer centric organization."

Ibrahim Musa Umar, Head, Customer Retention and Call Centre Operations, MTN Nigeria (Nigeria) Nigeria


"I had the opportunity to meet Sampson by attending the Global CEM Certification Program.  Sampson is an extremely talented speaker, and captivates the audience from the first moment.  His thoughts about customer experience is innovative and exciting, and I learned a lot during the two days in Amsterdam." 

Petter Selvikvag Berge, Management Consultant, Bekk Consulting (Norway)


"The Emotion Curves course led by Sampson Lee was one of the best and most useful courses of its type that I visited. Since then I have continued working with the Emotion Curves Method within Swisscom as I am convinced of its effectiveness within the framework of a successful customer experience strategy."

Lourdes Martins, Head of Customer Insights & Validation, Swisscom (Switzerland) Switzerland

"Customer Experience Management (CEM) is on everyone's lips for the last couple of years.  Surprisingly, many companies fail with the execution.  Two reasons are: Misinterpretation what CEM is about (no, it's not (always) about delighting the customers).  And: An isolated view of the Customer Experience (caused by organizational and/or technological silos).  Sampson and Global CEM developed a target-aimed approach to parse the Customer Experience across Customer Touchpoints and analyze the deviation from the Brand Promise.  This methodolgy helps to review the effectiveness of investments and to reallocate budgets in order to create Customer Loyalty."

Stefan Kauck, Principal Business Consultant, Genesys (Germary) Germany

"I attended Sampson's Global CEM Certification Program in San Francisco 2012, and I am glad I did.  Sampson has developed a thorough methodology around aligning the brand promise to service delivery that identifies branded pleasures and good pains.  His approach helped me identify some of the areas that I should focus on during experience design.  I highly recommend the Global CEM Certification Program."

Musa Hanhan, Director of Experience Design, Genesys (United States) United States

"I have had the pleasure of working with Sampson on one of the first European sessions of his certification program.  It's a very insightful program into the world of Customer Experience Management.  His methodolgy is a step-by-step approach on how to run a CEM program and how to focus on the key elements in the Customer Experience.  I would absolutely recommend the Global CEM Certifiction Program."

Remy Simonis, Owner, CMAG (Customer Management Adviesgroep) (Amsterdam) Netherlands


"The CEM Method is a very consistent and convenient method to learn and to apply, which focuses on the key learning points for every Customer Experience specialist...... In other words, the CEM method is a great customer experience and helps you to provide a great experience!  Thanks Sampson!!" 

Sophie Lerson, Marketing Product Owner, Keytrade Bank (Belgium) Belgium


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